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Advice From Moms

Advice From Moms

Nobody exhibits beauty, strength, support, and compassion quite like moms. What kind of person carries you for 9 months (or chooses you), teaches you to walk, deals with your sass, molds you into a functioning adult, and still loves you through it all? At Fruitful Yield, we think moms are pretty amazing. That's why in honor of moms, our Support Team is reminiscing on advice from our mothers.


My mom’s name is Sherry, and she would always give us oatmeal for breakfast. I remember her saying it was good for your heart and cholesterol. We didn’t have cholesterol issues of course LOL, but that’s what she would say!

- Jessica, FY Nutrition Education


Mum’s advice was to keep moving! We have great memories bike riding the Prairie Path with my sister and grandpa.

- Michelle, Marketing


My mom was big on Vicks. For anything like a cold or flu, she wanted us to use it. She also reminded us to drink lots of water and eat our greens.

- John, Financial Analyst


A tip from my mom: Don't take zinc on an empty stomach (you'll throw up!), and use arnica for every bump and bruise.

-Molly, daughter of Mary, Category Manager


Back when I was pregnant, and 9 months into it, she told me, “this is your time with the baby that you don’t have to share with anyone else. Once the baby is born, you’ll be sharing them with everyone!” She told me to enjoy the moment.

- Cher, Manager of Training


As my mom would say, “Make sure to wash your hands!” She washes everything and brings wipes with her to restaurants.

- Melissa, POS & Admin Support


She said I should stop smoking because I smoked when I was younger. She also reminded me to get my physical every year. Now that she’s older I tell her what to do – eventually that [responsibility] comes back to you.

- Rosemary, Admin Support


My mom always says, “Don’t go to sleep with makeup on your face! Makeup or not, wash the day away before your head hits the pillow.”

- Molly, Marketing


This is exactly what my mom used to say: “Oh come on, where’s your winter hat! You know you must keep your head warm for your body to stay warm!”

- Joe, President of Fruitful Yield


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