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5 Ways to Start De-Stressing Today

5 Ways to Start De-Stressing Today

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, we've compiled some of our favorite stress-management tips. The best part is that you don't need a lot of time, money, or energy to try all 5 ways to start de-stressing today! 

Stress walking

Get out of your current surroundings and into something more peaceful. For some of us, that’s taking a walk. With walking, there’s no pressure to run or be the best, and it gives you the space to think. For even more mental health benefits, use these quiet moments to think about what and who you’re grateful for!

Stress talking

Let it all out, friend. Talking to a safe person who's willing to listen can be a big step in taking care of yourself. If you don’t have someone like that in your life, talk to human resources at your workplace about seeing a guidance counselor. If your employer doesn’t have this service, do a Google search about free counseling or therapy services in your community. Video call counseling services are also becoming more popular for those with a tight budget or schedule.

It might be difficult to open up to someone or admit you need help, but people are becoming more open about their own mental health struggles, and we believe it’s for the best. As society opens up about getting help, they put myths to bed – myths like “Only selfish or weak people ask for help.” These myths couldn’t be farther from the truth! Take the next step, talk to the right person, and change your life.

Stress eating

You can redefine what stress eating means to you. Instead of binging on something that will bring down your energy and mood later, try eating something refreshing and energizing, like this antioxidant-rich salad. Going through the process of making a simple recipe can help shift your focus to something productive. Plus, enjoying the fruits of your labor is an additional reward! Tell yourself, I made something today, and now I get to enjoy it.

In addition to foods, you can supplement what what your diet lacks in relaxing elements. Valerian root and magnesium can provide an extra boost for combating stress. Valerian root before bedtime can help calm racing thoughts, and a balanced calcium-magnesium supplement during the day can help support your body's efforts to lower stress.

Stress Breathing

Focusing on your breathing and quiet meditation can be helpful for people who practice it regularly. Try it out, because as simple as it may seem, it might just be the thing that helps you. We even found this calming GIF to help you practice deep breathing!

Stress Journaling

For those with racing thoughts, journaling can be a way to organize those thoughts, and even put them away for a later time. Once you've had the time to cope, you can revisit your past words to acknowledge them later. You can even burn them! Or, publish them to turn your bad situation into an accomplishment and help others going through similar struggles.

At Fruitful Yield we know that everyone is going through something. We’re here to help our healthy friends stay well in every aspect. We wish you all the best of health, and we’ll see you soon. Comment below on how you manage your stress health-fully!

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