On your weekly grocery store adventure, you probably walk down the aisles and pass multiple brands of caffeinated beverages. From soda to energy drinks, the options are endless. But chances are, the caffeine found in these big-name cans and bottles give you a not-so-safe bang for your buck. Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars sipping on something unhealthy, switch it up with coffee bean-derived caffeine found in LIMITLESS® Lightly Caffeinated Sparkling Water!

Wet Washing

Humans like showers, and so do coffee beans. Wet-washing is a process where the coffee beans are washed right after being picked from the plants in their native countries. This clean process ensures that the beans are free from any no-good extra contaminants like dirt, dust, and even creepy crawlers.

Photo of hand holding a branch of coffee cherry fruit with green background

Air Roasting

Are you someone who’s not a fan of bitter coffee? Then air-roasted coffee beans are for you. The air-roasting process is one of the best for not only making sure your coffee tastes amazing, but ensuring that each individual bean is free from burns. During the air-roasting process, any leftover coffee beans shells are swept away—the less heat, the better.

Close-up image of metal coffee roaster roasting brown coffee beans

Non-GMO Project® Verified

Have you ever spotted extra, EXTRA large apples at the grocery store and thought to yourself: “How did those apples get so huge?” We can almost guarantee that those delicious fruits were genetically modified in some way. Similar to produce, your best bet is to purchase coffee and beverages that are Non-GMO Project® verified. Not only do GMOs affect farmers and the environment, but they can also affect the person consuming the product as an influx in pesticides and other toxins are used on the crop during the growing process.

Non-GMO Project Verification Seal

Did we convince you to make the switch? If so, try some of our Lightly Caffeinated Sparkling Water. This 0 calorie, 0g of sugar sparkling drink with 35mg of caffeine derived from coffee beans is the perfect pick-me-up for your day! (Also check out Limitless Coffee beverages, available in the refrigerated section of your nearest Fruitful Yield store)